Mr Sobers’ GNBA: Guardians of our Morals?

Hurdles” too high, too many, Bharrat

“Mr Sobers” is attorney-at-law Leslie Anthony Sobers of whom I’m a great fan – which might soon seem an irony. The GNBA is the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority, a relatively new regulator established to promote and secure standards of excellence and acceptable moralistic decency in the nation’s electronic broadcasting industry.

This “authority” might seriously influence the cessation of my wholesome educational and entertaining twenty-plus-years television programme- the Guyana Cook-Up Show. (Even though I accept fully the need and role for of such a watchdog monitor.) The local Broadcast authority is very fortunate to have attorney Sobers as its chairman. The already prominent gentleman is a most versatile achiever besides just “lawyer”. As an admirer let me re-introduce him here. See if you don’t join me as a “fan”.

Nearly four decades ago I met Mr Sobers at the then Ministry of Information. (Rather, he met me.)….

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