Region Eight residents benefit from specialised medical outreaches

Waipa’s Toshao looks on as Dr. Kay Shako (left) examines one of the residents who accessed services at the medical outreach. (DPI photo)

Medical specialists from the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) recently conducted a medical outreach among the residents of Waipa and Karisparu, in Potaro-Siparuni, Region Eight.

According to a Department of Public Information (DPI) press release, the outreaches were organised after MoPH was informed that residents of these two communities were in dire need of these services

The specialists on both teams came from the Cuban Medical Brigade in Guyana and included dentists, ophthalmologists and dermatologists along with general medical practitioners, the DPI added.

Regional and Clinical Services Director, Dr Kay Shako, spearheaded the exercise in Waipa while Inter-Ministerial Coordinator, Seewchan, supervised activities in Karisparu.

Dr Shako told residents that, “the mandate of the Ministry of Public Health is to ensure that different levels of healthcare are being administered to persons in various communities and persons need not only to enjoy primary healthcare but can also get secondary healthcare and that is healthcare you would usually receive from a regional hospital.” She added that there will be follow up outreaches during the year to capture new cases as well as review those that were seen.

Speaking on behalf of the village of Waipa, Toshao Norbert Adams explained that it had been some time since a medical team visited his village. He also pointed out that the outreach comes at a time when the Community Health Worker is unable to single-handedly capture, diagnose and treat illnesses that may present itself in the area.

“We were expecting very good treatment from the doctors and nurses and whoever it is because we haven’t seen a doctor or trained nurse or Medex or even a Dentex for years ago and then we need to be receiving proper medical care from the team,” the Toshao was quoted as saying.

The two teams served approximately 350 and 180 residents in Waipa and Karisparu, respectively. Cases from as simple as joint pains to cold and flu symptoms, skin allergies to low and blurred vision were all aptly diagnosed and treated. Teeth cleaning, filling and extractions were also done. All medical services were provided at no cost to residents.

The more serious cases were referred to the health facilities at Mahdia Regional Hospital and in nearby Brazil for x-rays and other screenings. Residents all agreed that the outreach was timely since the local health post does not provide this level of service and access in and out of the communities sometimes poses a challenge.

The outreach to the two remote villages in Region Eight, comes as the ministry attempts to fulfill its mandate of making health care accessible to all persons in Guyana. The ministry is also planning to place specialists in the region to work on a longer basis.

This would mean that residents would routinely and more readily have access to primary healthcare as well as specialised services while those in far-flung communities like Waipa and Karisparu can expect continuous outreaches with these specialised services.

MoPH has disclosed that outreaches have been planned for other remote areas including Orealla and Kamarang.


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