Boat captain remanded over possession of ganja, ammo during Cuyuni stop

Hiralall Gildharie

A boat captain was remanded to prison on Monday after he was charged with possession of cannabis and ammunition, which police say they found during an interception on the Cuyuni River.

The charges against Hiralall Gildharie alleged that on January 16th, at Blackwater Creek, Cuyuni, he was found in possession of 271.3 grammes of cannabis as well as a 12-gauge shotgun cartridge.

Gildharie pleaded not guilty to both charges after they were read to him by acting Chief Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs-Marcus.

According to the prosecutor, ranks of the Eteringbang Police Station were patrolling the river when the accused was intercepted and a search was conducted on the boat. It is alleged that the cannabis was found in a yellow bucket that Gildharie was holding. He was further searched and the ammunition was allegedly found in his pocket.

The court heard that Gildharie then admitted that the cannabis belonged to him and told one of the officers, “Officer, I will tell you the truth. I ain’t carrying it for no one, is for me to smoke.”

The prosecutor had no objections to bail on the ammunition charge but objected to bail on the possession of narcotics charge.

Gildharie was subsequently granted bail in the sum of $20,000 on the ammunition charge but was remanded to prison on the narcotics charge. The matters were adjourned until March 18th, when they are to be heard at the Kamarang Magistrate’s Court.

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