Former AG says conferral of ‘silk’ shouldn’t be done at president’s discretion

Bernard De Santos SC

Saying that the conferral of ‘silk’ on attorneys should not be done at the discretion of the president, Senior Counsel (SC) Bernard De Santos on Tuesday urged that government apologise to attorney Timothy Jonas and afford him the honour forthwith.

“Nonsense! It cannot ultimately lie with the president because the president don’t know the lawyers. If it is the administration’s wish to appoint five Senior Counsel, I suppose the Chancellor will shortlist five people…,” De Santos, a former Attorney General (AG) and parliamentarian under the PPP/C, told Stabroek News.

Last month, this newspaper reported that Jonas was told that he was no longer being conferred with the SC status days after he announced his involvement in the establishment of new political party, A New and United Guyana (ANUG)…..

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