Gov’t will exhaust all judicial processes in confidence case


A section of the crowd that attended the PNCR’s opening of its office in Region Three. (Photo by Marcelle Thomas)

Appearing at a campaign-style event for the first time since the December 21st no-confidence motion that felled his government, President David Granger yesterday said that the administration will exhaust all lawful processes to challenge the results and strongly signalled that he would lead the APNU+AFC coalition into the next elections.

To a jubilant, cheering crowd of about 1,500 persons at the official commissioning of his People’s National Congress’ Region Three headquarters at Vreed-en-Hoop, Granger declared that there is no provision for a “caretaker government” and he remains in office until the next President is sworn in. He emphasised that the government would not violate Guyana’s Constitution, while signalling that the government could appeal the no-confidence motion case all the way to the Caribbean Court of Justice, Guyana’s final court of appeal.

“My brothers and sisters. That is a split-second event. There is no such thing as interim government, there is no such thing as caretaker government. I remain president until the next president is sworn in so I don’t know how they gon work that one out. I ain’t going way until the next president is sworn in,” he said…..

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