Twelve homeless after fire destroys Tucville Terrace range homes

The destroyed upper flat of C. Clarke’s residence.

A fire destroyed the homes of two families in a range house at Tucville Terrace, East La Penitence, yesterday morning, leaving them devastated as they contemplate their next move.

The cause of the mid-morning fire was not clear. Homeless are seven persons who make up the family of Tonya George and five persons belonging to the C. Clarke household. The families told Stabroek News that they learnt of the fire after being alerted by neigbours.

Michael Telesford, one of the neigbours to have first noticed the fire, related that he was sitting with his friends when they noticed flames at the upper flat of George’s 3C Tucville Terrace home. He said that the fire was emanating from a bedroom and he quickly sounded an alarm. He ran over to the house and immediately began to evacuate George’s children…..

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