West Coast Berbice man found dead a week after being beaten by duo

Rakesh Outar

A West Coast Berbice man was discovered dead in his house on Monday morning, approximately one week after he was badly beaten by two men who accused him of stealing a bicycle from them.

Dead is Rakesh Outar, also known as “Baby”, 30, a labourer and fisherman of Lot 7272 Britannia Village, West Coast Berbice.

His mother, Danmat Outar, 59, who resides with him, yesterday explained that on Monday morning, she discovered her son’s body after she ventured into his room to wake him up. She said that after he did not respond to her, she raised an alarm, which led to relatives and villagers rushing over.

According to the woman, at the time of the discovery, her son was seen bleeding from his mouth. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The woman further explained that approximately one week before he was discovered, Rakesh was attacked and beaten badly by two brothers, who accused him of stealing a bicycle from them. “He left to go fishing and me hear that them two start beat he bad and one boy been deh fishing and the boy go part and he get lash too”. “When Baby come home and he tell me the story, me tell he go police station…The police carry he for medical and then them come and look for them boy but them hide out”, she said.

According to the woman, her son was taken to the Fort Wellington Public Hospital the day he was beaten. “Them give he pain tablet and send he home,” she said, further stating that, “Them na do none test, even the police after he dead ask me if the hospital do any X-ray or suh and me tell am them na do nothing”.

Outar reportedly sustained injuries to his head, back and shoulders during the attack.

Additionally, the woman told Stabroek News she was informed that the two suspects found their bicycle hours before they launched an attack on her son. “Me hear them been done find the bicycle and them still brutalize my son, ow babe them beat he bad, if you been see he”, she said as she started to cry.

Meanwhile, a post-mortem examination, which was expected to be carried out on Outar’s body yesterday to ascertain the cause of his death, has since been rescheduled to tomorrow.  His mother yesterday said, “The CID man na show up so them tell me till Friday, me been really glad to get he to bury out”, she relayed.

This newspaper was told that the police are yet to make an arrest in the matter. The suspects reportedly reside in Tempe Village, West Coast Berbice and Number 37 Village, West Coast Berbice.

The mother is calling for a thorough investigation to be carried out and for the men who she believes are responsible for her son’s death to be held accountable for their actions.

She explained that she is now left with the responsibility of caring for Outar’s three sons, ages 10, 7 and 5.  The grieving mother said, “People bring shirt and pants and say them go cook thing for wake let me na worry”.

She described her son to be helpful and “good to people”.  

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