Albouystown boys recovering after motorcycle crash

Eight-year-old Jayden Primo smiles even with a cast on his left leg after the accident on James Street, Albouystown on February 10.

The Albouystown boys injured in a motorcycle crash in the city ward last week are at home recovering and the mother of Jayden Primo, the 8-year-old who was hit along with his friend Emmanuel Fletchman, 7, is thankful that his life was spared.

On February 10, Primo was on a bicycle with Fletchman, when a motorcycle rode into them on James Street, Albouystown at around 4:30 pm.

Primo’s mother Candacy Goddette yesterday expressed how grateful she is that her son, despite suffering minor injuries, is alive.

“I just thank God that my child is okay,” she told Stabroek News.

Goddette said since the accident, Primo has been unable to attend school and remains on medication for pain to his head and ears. She added that the boy is expected to return to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) on February 25, to do a checkup on his left leg, which is now in a cast after it was fractured in the crash.

The mother related that she went to the police station last Monday after a statement was taken from them at the GPH, and the officers promised that they would visit as soon as a Force vehicle was available, but they never did. She added, however, that sometime after, there was a meeting at the Charlestown school and a corporal told her to visit the station today.

Goddette said that the young man who struck down her child spoke to her after the incident and told her that he would go with them to the hospital, but he never did. His parents, however, visited her home and informed her that the bike involved in the crash did not belong to their son. No form of compensation was offered by the parents on behalf of their son, she said.

Asked how soon Primo would be able to return to school, Goddette said that if the cast is taken off on February 25 and all is well, then he would be able to do so.

She said that her focus is not criminal charges and expressed disappointment that the individual who crashed into the youths was not remorseful enough to at least apologise for what occurred or offer some form of compensation.

As it relates to the well-being of Fletchman, this newspaper was unable to contact relatives but was reliably informed that after his discharge from the GPH, a CAT scan was done, and he continues to suffer from stomach pains, after vomiting blood directly after the accident. He too remains on pain medication.

As a result of the crash, both boys fell off the bicycle and were picked up and rushed to the hospital where Fletchman was admitted in an unconscious state. Primo was treated for the injuries he sustained and discharged. The rider of the motorcycle failed to stop following the accident and fled the scene.

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