Minibus operators, touts released after teaching session from police

Seventeen touts and a number of mini-bus operators were detained today by the police at various parks and then released after being educated on a variety of offences.

The police said in a release today that continuing with their Traffic Enforcement Exercise which was carried out yesterday, a team from the Brickdam Police Station’s Traffic Department continued the exercise today  in Georgetown at the various bus parks throughout the city, where 17 persons were arrested for touting and several mini-bus operators were detained for offences such as:


–          Soliciting of passengers

–          Having offensive weapons (Knife & Ice pickers)

–          Tint

–          Breach of road services licence (amplifier set and equalizer in mini-bus)

–          Breach of road services licence (offensive words and designs on mini-bus)

–          Defective tyre


Some of those who were detained (Police photo)

After the exercise, the ranks took the opportunity to educate the drivers and conductors about the seriousness of these offences and advised them on issues such as:


–          Seating capacity of a mini-bus

–          Working attire

–          Obstruction of traffic by Stabroek Market area

–          Playing of loud or offensive music

–          Speed limit

–          Cleanliness of the interior of the mini-buses

–          Paying of tickets

–          Insurance of motor vehicles

–          Adhering to all traffic laws and regulations


The police said that the drivers were all grateful to the Police for their leniency and thanked them for the advice given. 


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