Bandits rob, beat Bloomfield clerk

- escape with cash, jewellery

Asif Owal’s injury

Five armed men, during the wee hours of yesterday morning, pounced on a Bloomfield Village, Corentyne family and robbed them of cash and jewellery, and took away surveillance camera footage before escaping.

During the attack, the bandits badly assaulted the owner of the house, Asif Owal. He had begged them not to harm his wife or three-year-old child and said he “would take all.”

Owal, 25, of Lot 379 Bloomfield Village, Corentyne related that around 3:30 am yesterday, his wife woke him and alerted him that she heard someone walking on their shed. “I have a torchlight and torch in the hall and I shout out ‘thief’ because I thought was cat, but after I done shout I heard banging on the window,” he said…..

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