GuySuCo being stymied by NICIL under Heath-London’s control


Relations between the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) and the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited’s (NICIL) Special Purpose Unit (SPU) have deteriorated further following the death of NICIL’s head Horace James in January as Colvin Heath-London is acting as head for both NICIL and the SPU and GuySuCo’s management believes he is stymieing their work.

“SPU and NICIL is holding us to ransom…we are not getting monies for our programmes as we should and a lot of work is held up,” a senior executive of GuySuCo told this newspaper last week.

“Mr James was bringing us to a headway and with our new Chairman and we believed that this year things would have kicked off excellent for us. Sadly, as you know, he passed and his successor was…the very person we had problems with. I don’t have to say more…,” another executive of the corporation said…..

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