Vaccines administered to Lochaber Primary pupils were routine booster shots – ministry

-says only one parent complained

The Lochaber Primary School (DPI photo)

The vaccines administered to students of the Lochaber Primary School last Tuesday, were routine booster shots, the Ministry of Public Health has reported, noting that parents were informed about the upcoming campaign at the beginning of the school year.

The ministry, through the Department of Public Information (DPI), has responded to claims made by a parent of a student of the school, who alleged that several students fell ill after being administered a vaccine by a nurse at the institution without parental consent.

Calling the claims false and the result of miscommunication, the ministry stated that the newspaper report was “based on several inaccuracies resulting from the publication’s use of a misinformed source”, but admitted that it could have been avoided if more information had been available to the parents…..

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