Nandlall says millions wasted on building, staff as Law Reform Commission still to be set up

The Law Reform Commission building

Former Attorney General Anil Nandlall has bemoaned the sloth in the establishment of the Law Reform Commission (LRC), while saying “millions and millions of taxpayers’ monies” have been wasted on renting a building and hiring staff for an entity that has done nothing to date.

“Since 2017, this administration brought an Act to the Parliament to establish a Law Reform Commission. Monies have been budgeted every year since, millions of dollars, a building has been rented on Robb St at the rental cost of $850,000 per month, secretarial staff has been hired and is being paid, that building incurs day to day costs such as water, power, etcetera and yet three years after not one law reform commissioner has been appointed,” he said.

“So again, you have another example of taxpayers’ dollars being wasted. Millions and millions of taxpayers’ monies wasted annually and nothing is being done,” he added.

In June of last year, Attorney-General Basil Williams SC had disclosed to the National Assembly that a building was rented and some of the Commission’s staff had been hired…..

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