Boyfriend discharged of manslaughter in killing of Sasia Adams

-after court finds insufficient evidence against him

Rick Sewcharran (left), Sasia Adams (right)

Almost a month after Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan found that a case was made out against Rick Sewcharran, who was accused of the unlawful killing of his girlfriend, Sasia Adams, he was discharged today due to insufficient evidence.

Outside of the court compound after the conclusion of the proceedings, emotions ran high as the mother of Adams attempted to launch at Sewcharran.

Sewcharran was charged in June, 2018, with unlawfully killing Adams on June 10th, 2018, at Lamaha Street, Georgetown.

On February 14th, the Chief Magistrate told the accused that a prima facie case was made out against him for the offence of manslaughter. He was then asked if he wished to say anything and he opted to make a statement, which he gave at a subsequent hearing. Afterward, defence attorney Sanjeev Datadin once again urged the court to find that the prosecution failed to prove its case against Sewcharran.

At the conclusion of the preliminary inquiry into the charge against him yesterday, the Chief Magistrate told Sewcharran that the court was unable to find that the blunt trauma dealt to the head of the deceased was caused by him. Additionally, the Chief Magistrate stated that there was no evidence to prove that the act was done by the accused and, therefore, the evidence taken at its highest, if taken before a jury, could not convict him.

The case against Sewcharran was then discharged on the grounds of insufficient evidence.

Tears filled the eyes of relatives of Adams, including her mother and sister, while there were quiet praises of “Thank you, Jesus” from the lips of some of the relatives supporting Sewcharran.

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