It cannot be business as usual – Bishop Alleyne in Easter Message

Bishop Francis Alleyne

In his Easter Message,  Roman Catholic Bishop Francis Alleyne cited matters pertaining to the December 21, 2018 motion of no confidence against the government and said it cannot be business as usual.

His message said in part:  “My wish too would be that we sustain our prayer for the Nation.  Our Nation at present awaits the outcome of legal pronouncements flowing from the No Confidence vote of last December.  The courts and the Constitution can clarify the terms and the way they are to be applied.  But to move a nation from no confidence to trust and collaboration would take much more than legislation can offer.  It cannot be business as usual. Much of what has gone before and to a great extent is still present has not worked and is not working.  Easter people, who make up a significant portion of Civil Society and who take up the invitation to live the Mystery, can put the nation on a new course, certainly one of accompaniment creating spaces and circumstances that would heal the divisions of race, politics, gender and generation and the many ways we are fragmented and divided. He is risen, it cannot be business as usual”…..

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