Dr Maxine Parris-Aaron: A well-rounded life of service

Dr Maxine Parris-Aaron

Growing up, the home of young Maxine Parris in Buxton was always filled as her parents’ benevolence stretched far and wide. From a young age she always knew she wanted to help people, so while she studied veterinary medicine and worked as a vet it is her work with women agro-processors that has been the most fulfilling.

“Although I am a veterinarian by profession, I like working with people and so when I was asked to do work with women I could relate… because apart from the actual work in agro-processing I would be able to share some of their anxieties as a woman, some of their challenges because I would have faced some of those challenges myself,” she told the Sunday Stabroek.

Her contribution towards agriculture and food safety and specifically working with women agro-processors saw her being awarded the Golden Arrow of Achievement…..

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