Former judge loses lawsuit for benefits due to ‘acting’ appointment

Jainarayan Singh Jr

Former judge Jainarayan Singh Jr has lost a $50 million lawsuit that was initiated under the former government for pension, gratuity and other benefits that he said had been owed to him.

In a recent High Court ruling, however, Justice Nareshwar Harnanan found that Singh was not entitled to the benefits he sought, as he acted in a temporary capacity and, therefore, could not enjoy the same security of tenure as afforded to permanent judges.

In his action, which has engaged the attention of the court since 2011, the retired judge had said that after vacating office in 2008, he received none of the benefits that he contends were constitutionally owed to him.

The former judge retired at age 62, after eight years of service as a puisne judge at the Supreme Court of Judicature, having served from August 10th, 2000 to September 30th, 2008…..

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