Burglar hospitalised after being chopped by victim at Vryman’s Erven

A burglar who invaded a Vryman’s Erven, New Amsterdam resident’s home yesterday, was chopped multiple times about his body by the homeowner.

According to information gathered, the burglar, who was armed with a cutlass, broke into the resident’s house through a window sometime around 3 am yesterday.

However, the resident, 67, who was awoken by sounds coming from inside his house, armed himself with a cutlass and decided to investigate the matter.

Stabroek News was told that the burglar dealt the resident a chop to his palm, after which the resident fought back, injuring the burglar about his body in the process.

The resident and the intruder were both taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, after which the burglar, who is said to be from Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam, was placed under arrest.

A laptop was discovered missing from the resident’s house. 

The police yesterday said that they are yet to question the intruder, a 20-year-old, who had to undergo surgery at the hospital.  

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