Bynoe says DoE on firm footing for first oil

-Mangal disagrees

Department of Energy (DoE) Head Dr Mark Bynoe and advisor Matthew Wilks at the press conference yesterday (Terrence Thompson photo)

Only months away from first oil, Department of Energy (DoE) Head Dr Mark Bynoe yesterday said his agency will be on firm footing to ensure the country gets value for money but former government adviser Dr Jan Mangal differs and pointed to the dearth of essential legislation.

“It depends on how you define ready. If you mean everything will be in place; all your i’s will be dotted and all t’s crossed, I would say no. But would we have a workable framework that would allow us to ensure that we reduce value leakage and that optimum returns are coming to Guyana? In my humble opinion, I would say, yes,” the DoE Head told a press conference he held yesterday at the Ministry of the Presidency.

In February, Bynoe had also stated that by the end of the month the agency would finalise a legal review and gap analysis that it was undertaking and that would facilitate the possible drafting of supplementary legislation as what this country has is not enough or relevant enough.

He revealed yesterday that the Department is currently in possession of the analysis and diagnostic review but it has to go through the process of consultation with the other stakeholders since it would not only impact the department but also different government agencies…..

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