Court closes case against businesswoman charged with human trafficking

Savita Persaud

The prosecution yesterday closed its case against Savita Persaud, the owner of the Liquid Love Bar located in Station Street, Kitty, who is facing five charges, including trafficking two Venezuelan women for sex.

Persaud is before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan, where the matters are being heard in closed court.

Two of the charges allege that Persaud, between January 31 and March 8, 2019, at Station Street, Kitty, recruited, transported and harboured the two women for sexual exploitation.

Another two charges state that the accused confiscated the Venezuelan women’s immigration documents for the purpose of trafficking.

The final charge states that she employed a child on a premises that sells intoxicating liquor. The child is 17-years-old.

On yesterday’s date, police prosecutor Neville Jeffers closed the prosecution’s case against the accused.

The matters are expected to be called again on May 21, when the prosecution is expected to lay over submissions.

Persaud is being represented by attorney George Thomas.


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