Trinidad: Husband charged for pawning wife’s jewels

(Trinidad Express) A man will be going to court on Friday charged with stealing his wife jewelry.

The Chaguanas incensed when he sold the jewels without her permission, police say.

The man, from New Settlement Caroni Savannah Road, Chaguanas, has since been charged with larceny of $10,000 in jewellery and is expected to appear before a Chaguanas Magistrate.

The man was held on Tuesday by Chaguanas police after the woman made a report that her jewellery had been stolen.

The woman said she asked, and was told to visit a jewellery store in Chaguanas, where the sales person told her that her husband had pawned the jewellery.

The police were notified and Constable Maharaj was tasked to conduct inquiries which led to the detention of the 44-year-old man, who was subsequently charged.

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