Trinidad: Revenge for robbery, possible motive for murder at a lime

(Trinidad Newsday) Police believe the murder of a 42-year-old man and the wounding of four others during a lime at Almond Drive, Morvant, earlier this week may have been linked to the theft of some goods from the home of a man in the area last week.

They said while they were working on several different theories for the murder of Honore Ifill, they believe at least two of the men he was playing dominoes with, during the lime, might have been involved in a housebreaking last week in which several items were stolen from the home of a criminal.

Investigators said they believe the man whose home was broken into, called the thieves and asked them to return the goods but they refused.

Ifill was shot and killed at around 9.15 pm on Sunday night. He was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Science Complex where he died while receiving treatment.

No one has yet been arrested.

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