Family makes appeal for Jamaican businessman kidnapped in Trinidad

Missing: Yohan Chin

(Trinidad Express) The family of kidnapped Jamaican businessman Yohan Chin has placed newspaper advertisements appealing to his kidnappers to complete negotiations with them for his safe release.

A police investigator said that the Chin’s family, who own several businesses in Jamaica, had been negotiating on their own with the kidnappers, and had not involved local police officers.

Chin was snatched from his home at Palmiste, San Fernando on April 14. A ransom of US $6 million was demanded.

Chin’s business partner and neighbour reported the kidnapping to police on Tuesday evening – two days after it occurred.

He told police officers that said Chin had instructed him not to report it.

The man was detained by police and released from custody on May 3.

The neighbour who is the owner of a pharmacy in Marabella, told police that around 5.15 am he received a phone call from his friend and business partner Chin.

He reported that Chin told him that men armed with firearms wearing TTPS uniforms kidnapped him.

He said Chin told him the kidnappers wanted money, and he would call back with instructions.

Chin also instructed him to go to his home four houses away and move his Porche Panamera car to his home for safe keeping.

Chin, he said, told him to organise $400,000 and not involve the police.

The business partner went to Chin’s home 15 minutes later and saw the house ransacked.

He also met a woman who identified herself as “Chelsea” of San Juan.

She said that she was asleep when she heard a commotion and awoke to see men in police uniforms wearing ski masks and hats with “POLICE” written on it.

He said that since Sunday he had received numerous calls from Chin on his cell phone requesting various amounts of money.

The business partner said Chin did not indicate to him that this was ransom money.

Chin later contacted his friend again and further instructed him to organise US $6 million by selling his Porche Panamera, Sylvester’s Mercedes Benz, and a piece of land at Boy Cato Road, Chin Chin.

Officers of the Anti-Kidnapping Unit (AKU) including ASP Parriman, San Fernando CID led by Sgt Williams and other officers are leading investigation.

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