Drive-thru bandits order burgers before robbing a Trinidad Burger King

(Trinidad Express) A drive-through robbery was carried out at a Burger King outlet located at the Gulf City Mall, La Romaine, on Monday night.

Police said the men placed an order and was asked to drive to the window at around 10.45pm.

But as the cashier opened the window and asked for the payment, the rear seat passenger exited to vehicle and grabbed her right hand.

The 18-year-old woman was forced to hand over $7,611.

The rear seat passenger then returned to the vehicle and the driver sped off.

Closed circuit camera footage showed the silver Nissan Tiida car and the driver with a black and white bandana over his face.

The rear seat passenger was wearing a mask.

San Fernando CID officers responded and recovered $1,040 apparently left behind at the scene.

Police believe the money fell out of the suspect’s hand as he was fleeing.

The teenage cashier, of La Romaine, was said to be traumatised by the incident.

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