Silly complaint by this city councillor

Dear Editor,

From all indications the tenure of the recently installed mayor of Georgetown is off to a rocky start (‘City mayor says letters to Town Clerk going unanswered ‘ SN March 12 2019).

It is hoped this undesirable state of affairs is resolved soon for the smooth and efficient running of City Hall.

However,  reading the article I found the complaint by one councillor to be just plain silly and preposterous.

While the agenda for last Monday’s statutory meeting was delivered on Saturday, it was not read as the councillor had to work on Sunday.  

The councillor requested “in future for it to be delivered in a timely manner “.  Really!   How much more timely than at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting the agenda was delivered is it to be delivered?

The councillor had a responsibility,  especially knowing work on Sunday was on the cards, to find and make the time to prepare self for Monday’s meeting.

This utterance has no place at a serious discourse  and am wondering of the quality of people that sit around the horseshoe table.

Yours faithfully,

Shamshun Mohamed

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