Corrivertown council building `something’ which blocks entrance to my home

Dear Editor,

Employees of the Corriverton Town Council are in the process of constructing ‘something’, in my street, which blocks the entrance to my home. They dug a huge square hole and planted steel rods in the shape of a post in it. (See attached picture)

My home, which is now inaccessible to vehicles permanently, is located at the end of the street and that is the only entrance my family has used for decades. The small space which will remain after the construction, will not be adequate for vehicles to pass freely. There is no substantive justification for the ‘thing’ which is being constructed. This may ultimately lead to unnecessary accidents and damage to vehicles/properties.

This action by the Mayor and Town Council is very reckless, insensitive and disrespectful. They just cannot assume that they are in a community with dumb persons who are ignorant of their rights as citizens of Guyana.

Apart from this new development, they are in the habit of discharging truckloads of sand and bricks in the street, on the opposite side of the road in Dukestown. At first, residents felt that they were upgrading the street. Then to everyone’s dismay, they used a hymac and other heavy-duty vehicles to reload trucks and transport the loads elsewhere. This has been ongoing since 2017. No member of the Council experiences the dust pollution as they are not my neighbour at the end of the street in Princetown.

I am a law-abiding resident of Corriverton and I will continue to resist discrimination in any form. I am not indebted to the Mayor & Town Council and will not accept second class citizenship. The records of the Corriverton Town Council will substantiate that Rates and Tax for my property was settled for 2019 since January.

The Mayor and his Councillors should consider the impact this nonsensical action has on my family and if possible, imagine themselves in the situation they have forced upon us. Hence, they should desist from making other people’s lives uncomfortable.

Yours faithfully,

Michelle Hooper

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