It is important that respect is given to the office and post of Mayor

Dear Editor,

The Mayor is the head of a municipal corporation, chairman of the Council and highest ranking City official in the City of Georgetown.  The presiding officer and member of the council, tasked with holding discussions and addressing the key issues within the city under his directives. The Mayor of Georgetown is the representative of the council nationally and internationally, negotiating on presented forums; duly elected by his constituents and comrades, who would have reposed confidence in him, during the democratic electoral process.

Therefore, it is important that respect is given to the office and post of the Mayor as an official governing individual and body, in the City. Ruling authorities are necessary for order, justice, mercy, and equity, to prevail in society, it is imperative that we pay homage, when and where necessary.

Many years ago in villages respect was a number one value embraced by families, you could not dare pass an adult, without giving respect in greeting or salutation. We need as a society, to go back to the basic principles, this starts at the level of the family. The family is the basic structure and bedrock of society. It is at the levels of the family that the socialization process begins, it is there that most of the basic principles and values are imparted and embraced.  

In concluding I want to implore us as a nation, city, and community, to once again embrace this sacred value, bequeathed to us to be that guiding principle, wherever we go; at work at school and at play.

Yours faithfully,

Pandit Ubraj Narine

Mayor of Georgetown  

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