JJTRC, KMTC come to compromise on race meets

There will no longer be a clash of race meets on March 24 as the Jumbo Jet Thoroughbred Racing Committee (JJTRC) and the Kennard Memorial Turf Club (KMTC) have agreed on a solution “for the best interest of horse racing.”

According to Chairman of the KMTC, Cecil Kennard, his Phagwah meet will “more than likely” be staged a week prior to March 24 at the Bush Lot based Club on the Corentyne.

Kennard told Stabroek Sport yesterday that despite the fact that the meet has been a tradition over the past 40 years, he decided to change the date of his fixture to avoid clashing with the second leg of the JJTRC Triple Crown event which will be staged at the Rising Sun Turf Club.

“We decided in the best interest of horse racing to allow the JJTRC to use the March 24 date,” said Kennard yesterday.

“We don’t like clashing and we have said before that the horses, the jockeys and the crowd would be split and that’s not a good thing for horse racing. We don’t want the public to feel that the clubs are fighting. We don’t want that at all.”

The JJTRC had selected their date prior to Kennard.

Kennard further disclosed that he spoke at length with the JJTRC boss, Nasrudeen Mohamed Jr. yesterday and they also decided that at the end of the 2019 season, clubs should sit together to discuss and select their race dates for 2020 to avoid a similar occurrence.

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