Contrasting wins for Pouderoyen, Eagles

Poudeoryen FC scorers from left to right-Jamali Gomes, Mikaya DeFreitas and Teon Kennedy.

Pouderoyen FC and Eagles secured contrasting wins, when the West Demerara Football Association [WDFA] U11 League continued yesterday at the Den Amstel Community Centre, Ground.

Pouderoyen dismantled home side Den Amstel 4-0. Mikaya DeFreitas led the rout with a double in the 11th and 20th minute. Adding goals in the fifth and 19th minute were Jamali Gomes and Teon Kennedy.

Meanwhile, Eagles soared past Uitvlugt 1-0. Orlando Stephens separated the two sides with a 19th minute conversion. The event continues at the same venue with another doubleheader on Sunday May 5th.

Complete Results


Eagles-1 vs Uitvlugt-0

Orlando Stephens-19th


Pouderoyen-4 vs Den


Mikaya DeFreitas-11th and 20th

Jamali Gomes-5th

Teon Kennedy-19th

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