What’s next for Guyana’s Rugby ?

FLASHBACK! Action in the Rugby Americas North South Zone Cup final between Guyana’s national rugby team and Guadeloupe.

The post-mortem of Guyana’s recent rugby struggles started minutes after their 5-19 loss to Guadeloupe on Saturday and looks like it will continue in the forthcoming days, weeks and months.

Going into Saturday’s Rugby Americas North (RAN) 15s South Zone Cup final at the National Park, Coach, Shane Grant-Stuart’s side was the heavy favourite to defeat the visitors. 

But after 80+ minutes of  inconsistent play, the local ruggers were still searching for a win which has eluded them since 2017.

In the match the Guyana team made a number of  errors that have become all too familiar, over-throwing line-outs, putting kicks long, spilling high balls and stretches of porous defence…..

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