Nothing definitive yet from Skerritt’s visit to Guyana

Jonny Grave

Although Cricket West Indies (CWI) president  Ricky Skerritt and Chief Executive Officer, Jonny Grave have concluded their two-day trip to Guyana without any meaningful engagement with the media, sources told Stabroek Sports that nothing definitive has come out of the meetings throughout the visit.

According to information reaching this daily, a faction describing themselves as “Stakeholders of Guyana Cricket” which includes the Berbice Cricket Board representative, Rabindranuath Saywack, former West Indies player and Georgetown Cricket Association President, Roger Harper met Skerritt while meetings were held with  the ‘Anand Sanasie faction’, both of whom represent the interest of cricket administration in Guyana.

“The CWI President listened to the concerns relating to the general governance [of cricket]. What was the impact of the court rulings, the hosting of India and the Regional Under-19 tournament,” the source said…..

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