Wheels begin to turn for national championships

Teenager Nellisha Johnson, a member of Guyana’s 2018 team to the Chess Olympiad, which was held in Batumi, Georgia, is participating in this year’s qualifier for the National Junior Chess Championship. The qualifier will select seven persons along with the previous national junior champion to compete for the 2019 National Junior Championship. Johnson lost her first game of the qualifier to Chelsea Juma, a capable player among the women. 

The wheels of the 2019 National Chess Championships have begun to turn with the current hosting of the qualifier for the National Junior Championship. The National Junior will conclude today, and, later in March, the qualifier for Senior Championship will begin.

When the results of the Junior and Senior Championships become known, the Guyana Chess Federation (GCF) will be clear on who would be the nominees be for the Nationals. The winners of the Nationals, therefore, would have undergone an evidently democratic process to be called chess champions of Guyana.

The swiftness for the hosting of the qualifiers of the National Championships should be credited to Loris Nathoo, as well as officials of the GCF. I feel compelled to reference his name. Although he is not a designated official of the GCF, his heart and mind are in chess, and he wants to witness the further development of the royal game…..

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