All-stars concert kicks off Mashramani activities

Jumo Primo

Last weekend marked the official start of a host of activities coordinated by the Central Mashramani Committee. The Mashramani edition of the Guyana All-Stars Concert was the first on the list of calendar events scheduled to run until March.

The All-Stars Concert was hosted at the Mabaruma Settlement Ground last Saturday night where a number of Guyana’s stars put on a killer show. These artistes included Jumo ‘Rubber Waist’ Primo, Michelle ‘Big Red’ King, Brandon Harding, Manoel ‘King Perai’ Ferreira and Roger ‘Young Bill Rogers’ Hinds.

The following day Region Five had a grand steel band concert at the Park Square in Mahaicony which featured some of the best steel bands in the country including a crowd favourite from last year – the Mahaicony Secondary School Steel Band.

Michelle ‘Big Red’ King

To celebrate Guyana’s 49th Republic anniversary, Mashramani 2019 will celebrated in all ten administrative regions so as to keep the spirit of social cohesion alive and to ensure equality and inclusion of all Guyanese.

The other activities making up this year’s calendar of events are:

Banks Main Street Lime on Fridays during this Mashramani season;

Banks concert slated for Lethem today, January 19;

Junior Calypso and the Junior Soca rehearsals at the seawall tomorrow, January 20;

Chutney rehearsals at the seawall on January 27;

Soca rehearsals at the seawall on February 1;

Junior Calypso and Soca Competition at the Bartica Community Centre on February 2;

Young Bill Rogers

Adult Calypso rehearsals at the seawall on February 3;

Banks Calypso Semi-Finals at Union, Number 53 Village Community Centre on February 8;

Carib Soca Monarch Semi-Final at Linden/Georgetown Municipal Bus Park on February 9; Chutney Dance Competition at National Track and Field Centre in Region Three on February 9; Chutney Song Competition Semi-Final at Bath Settlement Community Centre on February 10;

Republic Bank Steel Band Panorama (Minor Categories) at the Theatre Guild on February 14;

National Art Exhibition at National Gallery of Art on February 14;

Children’s Competitions at National Cultural Centre on February 14 and 15;

Banks Calypso Monarch Final at National Park or D’Urban Park on February 15;

Brandon Harding

Children’s Costume and Float Parade from Parade Ground to National Park on February 16;

Carib Soca Monarch Competition Final at D’Urban Park on February 16;

Chutney Extravaganza Song Competition Final and Duck Curry Competition at Anna Regina Community Centre on February 17;

Republic Bank Steel Band Panorama (Large Band Competition) at Cliff Anderson Sports Hall on February 17;

Republic Lecture Series at Umana Yana on February 18;

Folk Evening at National Cultural Centre on February 19;

Mash Night (King and Queen of the Band) at 1763 Monument Square on February 20;

Literary and Visual Art Street Fair at Main Street Avenue on February 20 and 21;

Clean and Bright Up Guyana Competition in All Regions on February 21;

Masquerade Jamboree at Stabroek Square on February 21;

Flag Raising Ceremony at D’Urban Park on February 22;

Costume and Float Parade ending at D’Urban Park on February 23;

Champions in Concert at Mahdia on March 9.

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