Who rules 11

Whoever wins the PPP’s presidential nomination for the 2011 general elections  is widely believed to be the likely successor to Bharrat Jagdeo as President of Guyana At this juncture it would probably be premature to lay claim to anything even remotely resembling a thorough analysis of the unfolding saga of who leads the PPP into the 2011 general elections.

Crime…Night life jitters

The recent cold-blooded murder of a Canadian-based Guyanese during a robbery at a city bar evokes memories of a time in the recent past when a wave of bloodletting cast a pall of gloom over Georgetown’s entertainment industry The brutal gunning down of Canadian-based Guyanese Rawle Harding at the Cool Square bar in West Ruimveldt on March 3 would not have gone unnoticed either among Guyanese in the diaspora or among visitors to the country either on business or on holiday.

Crime…Marked for murder 1

Murder with malice has become a mark of present-day society Jairam Ronald Gajraj earned the dubious distinction in Guyanese history as the minister who presided over the deadliest spate of criminal violence and the sharpest sustained surge of murder since Independence.

Politics…Absolute power

The Administration’s overpowering control of the National Assembly undermines the democratic foundation of popular representation.

Public safety…The Police Force’s corruption problem 2

Corruption and criminality inside the Guyana Police Force are becoming worse Corruption has cast a long shadow over the Guyana Police Force and a series of serious scandals have scarred its reputation of over the years.

Frontiers…The fretful frontier 1

As the 10th anniversary of the humiliating ‘CGX incident’ approaches, it seems that Guyanese officials have not learnt anything about Suriname’s frontier policy.

Glimpses of Guyanese History

The Georgetown Fire and the Future of British Guiana The Great Fire occurred exactly sixty-five years ago on  February 23, 1945.

Sports…Cold Comfort

Zimbabwe’s visit to the Caribbean could hardly have come at a worse time; and lest we are inclined to argue that the West Indies needed a team to ‘beat up on’ after the debacle of a disastrous Australian tour, we need to remind ourselves that there was really nothing to be gained from rolling over a side comprising, overwhelmingly, players who are generally regarded as being unworthy of the highest levels of international competition.

Out of control? 2

Violence in schools poses serious challenges to the fabric of the country’s education system.

Politics…Birth defects: the AFC’s difficult infancy

Born in controversy, the Alliance For Change – a newish party with oldish faces – has had a difficult infancy One of the most extraordinary spectacles in Guyana’s extraordinary political history was the Alliance For Change’s unforgettable launching ceremony on Saturday October 29, 2005.

Labour…Drifting further apart

The near simultaneous announcement of the launch of the GAWU Labour College and the revival of the Critchlow Labour College symbolizes the continuing deep division in the local labour movement The recent announcement by the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers’ Union (GAWU) regarding the opening of its Labour College next month coincides roughly with the disclosure that the Critchlow Labour College (CLC) which is affiliated to the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) will be seeking to re-open its own doors shortly.

The Region…The Haitian catastrophe 2

When will Haiti’s travails end? More than two hundred and thirty thousand people perished in the earthquake that erupted in Haiti at 16:53 h on Tuesday January 12.

Glimpses of Guyanese History

Guiana and Local Government: The Village Movement Guyana Review reprints this essay by Allan Young that was first published in One People, One Nation One Destiny: Selections from Guianese History and Culture Week, 1958.

Theatre…A feast of Comedy

Last weekend’s staging of The Theatre Company’s Link Show 26 and MORI J’VON’s Comedy Jam 26 provided a feast of entertainment to local theatre goers By Arnon Adams There was the slightest hint of rivalry between The Theatre Company & Gems Theatre Productions and MORI J’VON Comedy Jam prior to the start of a well-supported Mashramani weekend of theatre as the respective Producers, Gem Madhoo-Nascimento and Ron Morrison strove for market share amongst what is still a relatively small local theatre-going audience.

Sport…Ahead of the Pack

Guyana would do well to contemplate the rich rewards that Jamaica continues to reap from its investment in athletics at the schools’ level Jamaican track and field athletics has now far surpassed West Indies cricket as the Caribbean’s best-known and most globally marketable ‘product’ and recently, the Senegalese President of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Lamine Diack recommended that the Caribbean Community member state’s focus on sport at the junior level provides an example which both we in the region and the rest of the world should follow.

Fighting the scourge of cervical cancer

Cervical Cancer is the second most prevalent cancer in women worldwide and one of the leading causes of death among women in developing countries.