Labour: A historic moment too long delayed

In a sense the election by the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) earlier this month of its first female president underlines the state of flux in which the movement finds itself.

The Transatlantic Index

How should we assess the state of transatlantic relations nowadays? With a nod to Wall Street, we can say that the alliance is up, Europe is flat, and the United States is clearly down.

Sport: Investing in sports as a nation builder

Last Thursday, as I was concluding a consultancy assignment in Georgetown the following email turned up in my mailbox: “Hey Karen- I know your team is really good- But remember we need to play everyone fairly- Other teams have been complaining about the same players up front the whole game.

A Grouse for Mr Naipaul

Predictably, VS Naipaul’s latest book has upset some early reviewers. Never shy of home truths, or gratuitous insults, the laureate’s essays are as provoking as ever.