A more perfect union

Remarks of Senator Barack Obama at the Constitution Center on Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Two hundred and twenty one years ago, in a hall that still stands across the street, a group of men gathered and, with these simple words, launched America’s improbable experiment in democracy.

Policing and Politics

In three short weeks two heinous crimes in which twenty-four people in communities as distant as Lusignan and Bartica were brutally murdered have focused the nation’s attention on the stark reality of a deeply troubling domestic security situation The administration’s agreement to establish a special select committee on the Disciplined Forces Commission Report in the National Assembly must have been an embarrassing admission of its sloth and weakness.

Coming in from the cold

Sitting behind her desk at the East street office of the Postal and Telecommunications Workers’ Union (PTWU) Gillian Burton appears thoughtful rather than intimidated.


Seventh Installment The Dutch regain control By this time the tide was flowing completely in the Dutch favour.


Section 221(g) and 212 of the INA outlines the general basis upon which the Consular Officer at the US Embassy may determine whether an applicant is ineligible to receive a visa.

The Environment

From the start of the international debate on the issue of climate change at least two sets of views have been proffered.


244. Mrs Arrindell having given me to understand that for, some time past, a pair of alligators were lurking in the draining trench immediately behind her fowl-coop, to the serious detriment of its occupants not only my curiosity to watch these voracious gentry at close quarters but also my fondness for hunting would allow of no rest until I should lay the mischievous brutes in triumph at her feet.


Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine is a former QC student skilled in constitutional reform, political transition, parliamentary procedure, democratization, institutional strengthening, electoral systems planning, implementation and observation, inter-ethnic peace-building, social partnerships, teacher training, media and the visual arts.

Book Review

Before he died just over two years ago, Dr. Cedric Grant told me at the home of Mr.


Petrolized diplomacy Fortified by the tripling of Venezuelan petroleum revenues in 1973-74 as a result of the international oil crisis, President Carlos Andr


Many of today’s war zones – including Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, and Sudan – share basic problems that lie at the root of their conflicts.


The Annual Kashif and Shanghai Football Tournament enters its eighteenth and, arguably, its most difficult year.

Wireless local Loop system for Essequibo

Residents on the Essequibo Coast will soon benefit from the new wireless system, the Wireless Local Loop (WLL) which will replace the Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) which has been serving the Essequibo Coast and Islands since 1996.

Business: Mr. DIGICEL

To find the driving force behind the DIGICEL tidal wave that has swept the Caribbean cellular service industry, one need look no further than Dennis O’Brien, the company’s chairman founder.

Education: Salvaging education

Our past, present and future are inseparably and inextricably intertwined. Consequently, to treat with the present, I must trespass in the realms of the .

Gender:Still more mountains left for women to climb

In an effort to frame our discussion today, I shall focus on sharing with you * Some data and analysis which support the economic impact of women in business Influences which hinder the inclusion or progression of women in business * My experience as a woman in business both from the family business perspective as well as an employee of Scotiabank, a Canadian based international financial institution * Actions to ensure there is progress and growth of women in business.

The Transatlantic Index

How should we assess the state of transatlantic relations nowadays? With a nod to Wall Street, we can say that the alliance is up, Europe is flat, and the United States is clearly down.

Sport: Investing in sports as a nation builder

Last Thursday, as I was concluding a consultancy assignment in Georgetown the following email turned up in my mailbox: “Hey Karen- I know your team is really good- But remember we need to play everyone fairly- Other teams have been complaining about the same players up front the whole game.

A Grouse for Mr Naipaul

Predictably, VS Naipaul’s latest book has upset some early reviewers. Never shy of home truths, or gratuitous insults, the laureate’s essays are as provoking as ever.