Frontiers: Suriname’s seismic moment 1

Désiré Bouterse’s success in Suriname’s elections was a history-making moment. The event, however, will open concerns about regional security and Suriname’s relations with Guyana.

Academia: Increasing the Caribbean’s human capital in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Fields: The Pivotal Role of Mentoring

This year the eleventh in the series of William G Demas Memorial Lectures instituted by the Caribbean Development Bank was delivered on May 18, 2010 in Nassau Bahamas by yet another distinguished Caribbean academic, Jamaican-born Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Delaware, Patricia Martin-Deleon, The holder of a BSc degree in Natural Science (Hons) and an MSc in Medical Genetics from the University of the West Indies, Professor DeLeon earned a PhD from the University of Western Ontario, Canada and further post-doctoral accreditations at McGill University in Montreal.

Education: The crisis of teacher education in Guyana Causes, consequences and remedies

Part 1 In an extensive interview with Guyana Review editor Arnon Adams published in the May 2010 issue of the newspaper, Education Minister Shaik Baksh alluded to an initiative being undertaken by the Ministry of Education which appears designed to upgrade the end-qualification of trained teachers through the reconfiguration of the traditional three-year Trained Teachers’ Certificate being offered by the Cyril Potter College of Education.

Talking about education: A conversation with Shaik Baksh 5

Education Minister Shaik Baksh talks with Guyana Review Editor Arnon Adams about issues, challenges and accomplishments in Guyana’s education system Challenge and Controversy Education Minister Shaik Baksh Challenge and controversy are common to Guyana’s education system.

Human Rights… 1

Poor performance, poor report Guyana has been the subject of poor reports from international organisations because its record of governance has been poor.

Industrial Relations… 2

Labour on a highway to nowhereFITUG President Carvil Duncan May Day has become a bearable irritant, the presence of red-shirted workers on the traditional Labour Day March indicative of a sentimental attachment to a time-worn tradition rather than to any inherent belief in the dictum that the union makes us strong.

Foreign Policy…

Unsure about UNASUR How prepared is Guyana for the presidency of the Union of South American Nations?

Law and order… 2

The failure of Guyana’s National Drug Strategy Master Plan Guyana’s National Drug Strategy Master Plan 2005-2009 has expired.

Regional Security…

The difficulty with the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative The United States must work more closely with the Caribbean Community if the region is to be made more, not less, secure.

Architecture… 3

Building under our sun – Part II Following is the second part of “Building Under the Sun” by Rory Westmas Ideas suffer a sea-change But the discipline of classical architecture on its way to the Caribbean went through a middle passage and suffered a sea change.

Education… 2

Elevating the Carnegie School of Home Economics to its proper place Some weeks ago in the course of an interview with the a senior manager of the Pegasus Hotel the question of meeting the challenge of finding skills to meet the various disciplines associated with the day-to-day running of hotels and guest houses arose and my interviewee immediately began to sing the praises of the Carnegie School of Home Economics, pointing out in the process that he believed that but for Carnegie most of not all  of the major hotels in Guyana would probably be in dire straits.


Increasing the Caribbean’s human capital in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Fields: The Pivotal Role of Mentoring This year the eleventh in the series of William G.


Michael Holding’s T/20 tantrum So Michael Holding wants nothing to do with T/20 cricket.

Robert Corbin: A political career at the crossroads 1

Does Robert Corbin’s announcement that he will not stand as the PNCR’s presidential candidate at the 2011 general elections signal the beginning of the end of the political career of one of the Party’s most dedicated servants?

Architecture…Building under our sun 4

Part I If there is a distinctiveness in contemporary Guyanese architecture, it is to be found in the radical departure from the good taste and from what the writer of this article,  Rory Westmas, calls “the many examples of timber domestic buildings for the most part, in and around Georgetown.”.

Politics…TUF’s trek into history

The United Force will observe its 5oth anniversary in October this year It is one of the quirks of Guyanese political history that the People’s Progressive Party, People’s National Congress and The United Force all regard the 5th of October with reverence.

The Arts…Fiction, fantasy and the art of publishing 3

What is the good of government’s establishment of a publishing house? Book lovers who expected that some sort of local publishing house would have been launched last February must be wondering still about the significance of the recent ceremony at the Umana Yana.

The Edgar Mittleholzer Memorial Lectures – 1983

The sources of fiction One of Guyana’s most prolific and best-loved novelists, the late Roy Heath possessed a consumate understanding of the rich sources from which Guyanese and Caribbean writers derived the themes for their works.

Glimpses of Guyanese History

Drainage and irrigation The management of drainage and irrigation has always been central to existence on the coastland.