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Committee to probe discipline problems at Wisburg school

A committee has been set up to investigate several discipline issues at the Wisburg Secondary School at Linden following an article in this newspaper and a report from the acting education officer in Region Ten.

Bandits rob Better Hope NDC of over $2M

Five bandits who pretended to be taxpayers on Thursday robbed the Better Hope/La Bonne Intention Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) of more than $2M which represented deposits and wages.

Escapee still being sought in murder of ‘Son’

Police in Essequibo were up to late last evening scouring the backlands at Bethany for the Mazaruni prison escapee who reportedly shot and killed the owner of a logging concession on Tuesday last.

Venezuela maintains silence on killing of Guyanese

The Venezuelan authorities are yet to turn over a report to Guyanese officials on the shooting to death of a Guyanese by members of the Venezuelan army at Etering-bang in October last year.

Holika Dhan takes place tonight

Holika Dhan or the burning of holika, which sets the stage for a day of gaiety and colour, takes place tonight at the Camptown Ground, Campbellville on the eve of Phagwah.

Youth denies trying to steal motorcycle

A man who was allegedly seen wheeling away another man’s motorcycle was on Wednesday refused bail by Acting Chief Magistrate Cecil Sullivan.

Couple remanded on cocaine, ganja charge

A woman and her reputed husband who allegedly had large amounts of cocaine and cannabis in their possession at a hinterland location were yesterday refused bail by Acting Chief Magistrate Cecil Sullivan.

Frankly Speaking…

I’m sincere when I mention that today I’m a victim of saturation, mental burn-out.


The use and application of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in re-engineering the way government provides services to citizens has been explored at some length.

What is a White Elephant?

A white elephant is a supposedly valuable possession whose upkeep exceeds its usefulness, and it is therefore a liability.

Business Editorial

With the start of the 2007 Cricket World Cup now a little more than two weeks away the various last minute preparations for hosting an unspecified number of visitors – no one appears, at this stage, to have any clear idea as to how many guests we can expect – appear to be kicking into high gear.

Page One Comment

There exists an understandable anxiety among some Cricket World Cup Bed and Breakfast registrants over what they perceive to be uncertainties associated with guest bookings for the period of the Super Eight leg of the tournament in Guyana.

A different vision of development

“Guyana is an island surrounded by land”. Recent public references to the development of Guyana remind one of this statement.

Newly-formed canoe federation has major plans

The newly-formed, Guyana Canoe Federation (GCF) headed by Maurice Amres has major plans for the sport locally, including the preparation of a team that will one day compete at the Olympic Games under the Golden Arrowhead.

Stock market updates

Notes 1 – Interim results 2 – Prospective EPS: earnings per share for 12 months period to the date the latest financials have been prepared.