The Christmas cake

Holiday baking success

Part 2 Hi Everyone, this week, we continue our Holiday Baking Success series by looking at the all-important Christmas cake.

Patiently making Peera (Peda)

Hi Everyone, Making Peera (Peda) from scratch is no simple task. It requires patience and determination, traits I felt I possessed, but I did not know to what extent until I made Peera.

A rant: an appeal for the ordinary

Hi Everyone, I am all for creating new tastes and flavours. And I am all for convenience, but I draw the line when things have reached a stage where I am being told, “We no longer stock (insert the name of an item) in that plain form.

Meat, rice & spice = Tatbileh

Hi Everyone, Trust me, no matter how creative you are in the kitchen, when you are constantly busy with work, you always find yourself making the same dishes over and over again.

Raisin bread for mom

Hi Everyone, last weekend, during my weekly telephone conversation with mommy, she expressed a desire to have a slice or two of raisin bread.

What is Allspice?

Hi Everyone, over a month ago, whilst I was in Guyana, I went in search of allspice because I needed some to put into the apple crostata I was going to make for dessert one evening.

Love at first bite

Jamaican Beef Patties Hi Everyone, The first time I ate a Jamaican Beef Patty was not in Jamaica it was in Guyana.