Chief Justice did not discuss Chancellor issue

In a report headlined `Chief Justice says allegations he is pro-Gov’t unjust, factually incorrect’ in last Sunday’s paper Chief Justice Carl Singh is quoted as saying that the non-support of Opposition Leader Robert Corbin for his nomination as Chancellor has weakened his position and that he considers accusations made by the PNCR leader of him as

pro-government unjust and factually incorrect.

Our reporter confirms that when she interviewed the Chief Justice he stated quite clearly that he would not answer any queries about his nomination as chancellor and he did not do so. The report she submitted said that the non-support of the Opposition Leader ‘has weakened his judicial position’. The sub-editor assuming that this remark was made in the context of the Chancellor issue amended the report to that effect. This was a mistake on our part and we regret the error and any embarrassment caused to the Chief Justice.

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