A 23-year-old man was early yesterday morning stabbed to death allegedly by a woman with whom he had a relationship for the past two years.

His 25-year-old girlfriend, with whom he had shared a home up to one month ago, is now in custody at the East La Penitence Police Station.

Dead is Keon Adolphus of 31 Bent Street who was pronounced dead at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) at around 5 am yesterday morning. He was taken there by the woman suffering from a single stab wound in the region of his heart.

Yesterday the man’s grieving mother, Monica Calvan, was still in shock over her son’s sudden death and could not understand why he had been killed by a woman with whom she had a “good relationship.”

“Why she couldn’t stab in he hand or somewhere else; the doctor woulda look he after, but she go stab he in he heart, that mean she really want kill he then,” the mother lamented yesterday with tears rolling down her cheeks. Even as she spoke to this newspaper her son’s only child, a four-year-old boy by another woman, was brought to the home and she held onto him and wept bitterly. “Is a good thing he lef something of he self suh I could remember he,” she said with reference to her grandson.

According to the woman the last time she saw her son was about 7 pm on Saturday night when he left her house saying he was going to the Inferno Concert at the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) ground. She said her son had moved back into her home about a month ago after he and the young woman had been experiencing problems. “But he would still go by she and sleep sometimes and when she [the woman] don’t see he for some days she would come right here – sometimes midnight and walk into he room and sleep and lef the next morning,” the woman said. She said her son had a bath but left with his clothes telling her he was going to dress at the girl’s home in Alexander Village.

Calvan said she understands that both her son and the woman had attended the concert, however, they had gone separately, she with her friends and he with his. After the show her son reportedly went to a popular night club and continued his partying before going home. It is from that point no one really seems to know what transpired. “Only he and she really know wah happen, and now he dead and she ent go tell me,” the mother said. She said she understood he arrived home before the young woman and maybe an argument started when she got home. The mother claimed that the young woman, who she said was very quiet and seemed as if she could not harm a fly, would drink a lot sometimes, and she felt that she may have gone home drunk and her son may have asked her why she got home at that hour, resulting in an argument. “He always use to tell me that sometimes she use to go out and come home any time and he didn’t able with that,” the woman said.

She said she received a call early yesterday morning from a nurse at the hospital who informed her that her son was in a serious condition at the hospital after being injured by his girlfriend. “At first I didn’t think about [name given] at all. I just say maybe he and some other girl he must be meet at the show had a problem. And then again, I say he must be just get heself in some problem and want money or something, but I still decide to go down to the hospital,” the mother said.

When she arrived at the hospital and asked if someone with her son’s name was there she was told that he was dead. “I couldn’t believe it, I went inside and I see me son lying down dead in the hospital and I just see the small wound by he heart, no blood nothing. I run and hug he up and kiss he and tell he to wake up because he look like he sleeping,” the grieving woman said.

She said she later went to the station where she saw the young woman who told her that she was sorry for what had happened. However, she was prevented from speaking to her by police officers. Calvan said at the station the relatives of the woman were alleging that her son was in the habit of abusing her. “But I ent know nothing bout that, but I ent swearing for my son but he dead now he can’t say nothing.”

She said that she and the young woman, who has a young son with someone else, shared a very good relationship. “When I see he come home is she I does call and ask what is the problem, because he don’t tell me nothing and I does listening to she and if she wrong I does tell she and if he wrong I does tell she he wrong. So is not as if she and any of his family had a problem fo she to do this to me son, I don’t know why she do it,” Calvan said.

She said her son was the last of her three children and it was hard for her because the two older ones had since migrated. “He was me baby, even do he did bad sometimes I still love me son and woulda do anything for he.” The woman lamented that she does not even know how she would get the money to bury her son.

The police are continuing their investigations.

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