Have the authorities approved this new building in Lamaha Gardens?

Dear Editor,

We shall be most grateful if you will facilitate an enquiry of the Agencies listed below regarding a building which is being constructed in Garnette Street, Lamaha Gardens, immediately west of Aromata Place.

The construction so far has the ominous signs of being a non-residential facility (in an eminently residential area).

One is also fearful for the workers’ safety as there is not a single safety helmet in sight.

The situation would appear to invite the immediate attention of the following agencies:

– Mayor & City Council – Engineering Department

– Central Housing and Planning Authority

– Ministry of Labour – Occupational Safety and Health Division

It would be interesting to learn whether the necessary approvals were obtained for the erection of this edifice.

Yours faithfully,

(Residents – names and

addresses supplied)

Editor’s note

We are sending copies of this letter to the Mayor & City Council and the Central Housing and Planning Authority for any comments they may wish to make.

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