The PPP is effectively practising paramountc

Dear Editor,

Mr John Da Silva appears to be engaged in an endless and unenviable task. His letter titled “There is nothing for the Jagdeo administration to conceal” (07.10.30) might bring out to some readers, perhaps, the observation by one of Shakespeare’s characters: “Methinks thou dost protest too much”. Why bother to keep dwelling upon PNC failings, so long after the PPP has been in charge, if this ploy is not being employed to cover up the myriad cases of ineptitude, spitefulness and corrupt actions of the current regime?

How dare they talk about paramountcy? The PPP may not have overtly pronounced it, but it is there and clearly observed by all those who are not blinkered by the effects of the so-called “Cabinet Outreaches” and the efforts of the propaganda mills. How else could the government even think of appointing a failed CEO to head our troubled national water agency? How else could the University of Guyana be in such turmoil about the reported decision by the dictatorship to reappoint someone whom the majority see as not up the job?

Is it that Guyana is so bereft of legal luminaries that one and the same individual has been assigned to “perform” in the roles of Chancellor of the Judiciary and Chief Justice, at one and the same time, and for over a year now? Or, is it because a maximum leader decrees it so, backed by a paramount PPP?

Perhaps it is a pity for the nation (and a co-incidental stroke of fortune for the prospective purchasers of that day) that Guysuco was not privatized in or prior to 1992. Look how PPP paramountcy continues to ensure that the sugar entity continues to bow to whatever wage increases and production “bonuses” GAWU demands, while at the same time workers in government agencies must “take or leave” the 3% here or 5% there that Mr Jagdeo declares is “granted”.

It is time for the PPP to stop ranting and raving about whatever the PNC had done or left undone pre-1992. The PPPC is at the helm.

If the ship of state is on the right course (which many perceive as far from being so) then all well and good, it would be some feather in the cap of those administrators. It is not words however, but prompt, competent action, backed by foresight, imagination and initiative that will bring us through in these demanding times.

Yours faithfully,

Walter A. Jordan

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