Was there an impartial investigation into the dismissal of the Director of Air Navigation Services?

Dear Editor,

I have a few questions for the Director General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority which I take this opportunity to ask via this medium.

1) Was there ever a thorough and impartial investigation launched into the “dismissal” of the Director Of Air Navigation Services re the Doppler Radar fiasco?

2) If not, then why not?

3) Was the said Director entitled to a


4) If not, why not?

5) Wouldn’t natural justice or a “moral obligation” cause the GCAA to pay him one?

6) Is it a coincidence that he was fired after the GCAA sought to have him removed from office by sending him to be medically boarded?

7) Is the GCAA one of the countries better paying employers?

8) If the answer to (7) is in the affirmative and given the fact that almost everyone in Guyana wants more money, why is it that after the firing of the Director of Air Navigation Services on or about the August 1, 2007 and his subsequent replacement there have been some six resignations from that same Directorate in the space of less than three months?

Yours faithfully,

(name and address supplied)

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