Don’t blame the PPP/C for the problems in the PNCR

Dear Editor,

The internecine warfare over the leadership of the PNCR – 1G continues with Mr Rickford Burke, former special assistant to the former leader and President of Guyana, the late Mr Hugh Desmond Hoyte, appearing to be one of the contenders in his letter in Sunday Stabroek headed ” The PNC is on the brink of irrelevance, I call on Mr. Corbin to resign” (07.11.11).

Whatever the internal wranglings of the PNCR, Mr. Burke should not seek to use this as a cover to involve the PPP/C or others in their predicaments and attack the present administration of the country.

For one thing I don’t know, for example, to what he is referring when he speaks of ” the fundamental values which the previous PNC leaders, Forbes Burnham and Desmond Hoyte fought for, instituted and practised.” What values were these ?

Also, he alleges that the PNC’s ” African Guyanese constituents have been marginalized and impoverished to the point of servitude. Their villages have been dismantled and starved of infrastructure. Joblessness among black youths is at forty-five percent.”

There has been over the years from 1992, even disbursements of financial and other resources across the country to all communities, and opportunities have been fairly and impartially accessible to all sections of the population.

All also benefit and have access to the physical and socio-economic infrastructure provided.

Don’t try to blame the PPP/C or anyone else for problems within your party leadership and especially don’t conjure up unfounded and unsubstantiated allegations to try to justify such blame.

Yours faithfully,

John Da Silva

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