Highlighting the problems of the ordinary people

Dear Editor,

I refer to Tajpaul Gainda’s letter captioned “Cummings Lodge road has been repaired” where he claimed that his previous letter (07.10.10)was responsible for the repair of Sixth Street, Cummings Lodge and other roads in Industry and Ogle.

This cannot be true since in Mr Gainda’s first letter no mention was made of these streets and he only referred to the surveying of roads in Block ‘Y’ South East, Cummings Lodge which lie to the east of the University of Guyana.

Thanks to Stabroek News a stern letter written by me was printed on October 10, 2007 which referred directly to Sixth Street Cummings Lodge and touched on the condition of roads in Ogle and Industry. These roads were repaired on October 14, 2007.

I would like to encourage Mr Gainda to continue to highlight the problems of the ordinary people in his letters.

I would also like to see letters like these printed in the Chronicle. This is the newspaper above any other that is supposed to highlight the concerns of the people so that remedial action could be taken. The opposite is happening right now.

Yours faithfully,

R M Khan

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