Cop remanded over demanding money by menace

One of the four police constables who were charged with demanding money by menace from a man last November was remanded to prison yesterday when he appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court.

Brian De Mendonza, 22, of 244 Meadowbrook Gardens, pleaded not guilty to the charge of demanding money by menace with intent to steal it.

It is alleged that on November 24 last year De Mendonza, with menace demanded $70,000 from Randy Samaroo with intent to steal it. Prosecutor Dennise Griffith stated that on the day in question De Mendonza along with three other police ranks were conducting a stop and search exercise when they stopped Samaroo who was driving his brother’s car and searched the vehicle. She said that De Mendonza had a problem with Samaroo in the past and Samaroo had offered to pay $10,000 to be set free. She said De Mendonza told Samaroo that the money he had offered was not sufficient and subsequently Samaroo handed over $70,000 to De Mendonza. Griffith further stated that later that day Samaroo went to the police station where he made a report about the incident. De Mendonza and the three other ranks were all arrested and later charged for the offence.

However, De Mendonza stated that on the day in question he was carrying out a stop and search exercise when he stopped Samaroo who asked him “why you always harassing and embarrassing me in public.” He said that he informed Samaroo that he was only carrying out his duties. De Mendonza stated that Samaroo then told him “look wah I gon do to yuh” and shortly after that he was arrested and charged. He also said that he did not take any money from Samaroo.

But Griffith said Samaroo had positively identified De Mendonza and the three other ranks as the ones who had demanded money from him.

The magistrate subsequently ordered that De Mendonza be remanded to prison and that he appear again in court on February 25.

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