Two Germans robbed by gang

Two Germans were beaten and robbed of items worth just under $100,000 last night by five men at America and Longden streets.

Mathias Hoegen and Daniel Schmender, both 27 years old, were attacked by a group of unarmed men last night as they were making their way to the Stabroek Market area shortly after 8 pm. The perpetrators relieved the tourists of a digital camera worth about $90,000, a memory card and $1,000 cash.

Reports are that the men were walking along America Street and had just turned south on Longden Street when they were suddenly surrounded by five men. The men attacked the Germans and Schmender was thrown to the ground after sustaining a blow to the face.

The men were taken by police to the Georgetown Public Hospital for a medical examination. Schmender sustained minor abrasions to the face.

The men were treated and escorted back to their city guest house.
Stabroek News learnt that the Germans were tourists visiting Guyana for the first time.

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