Relief Council celebrates 15 years with church service

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and his wife Yvonne Hinds on Sunday attended a church service at St George’s Cathedral to commemorate 15 years of service by the Guyana Relief Council (GRC).

According to a Government Information Agency (GINA) press release Mrs Hinds, who chairs the GRC, said over the years the organisation has demonstrated its actions through its motto “caring and sharing.” “We have been providing realistic help as soon as a disaster occurs to persons affected throughout the ten regions of Guyana… We have helped thousands of persons and families,” she said, adding that last year the GRC responded to 157 families in need and has already provided assistance to 16 families this year.
Mrs Hinds said the GRC’s concern about the displacement and disintegration of the family unit in the wake of disaster, when their place of abode is destroyed or compromised, prompted it to construct a building for temporary accommodation where it makes the necessary provisions to allow families to stay together and move on thereafter with dignity.

Mrs. Hinds noted that each assignment holds a new challenge for the organisation and it has learnt from every family that benefited from its generosity and every situation that it has encountered over the years. “Today we thank God for all those who have supported the council. This support has enabled us to make a difference for the better in the lives of those who are unfortunate or become so as a result of disasters,” she added.

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