Haslington boy knifed by girl

A 15-year-old Haslington North, East Coast Demerara teen is  recovering from a stab wound he sustained  late Tuesday  afternoon following an argument with another teen.

The lad, Quincy Newton of Lot 82, Haslington North, East Coast Demerara told Stabroek News from his hospital bed yesterday that he was returning home from a game of football around 6 pm on Tuesday afternoon when he decided to purchase a serving of ‘black pudding’ from a nearby vendor.

The student related that he approached the stall where a 15- year- old girl was tending to customers and asked the girl for a serving of ‘black pudding’, placing his hand on the table where the food item was being served from at the time. He said that the girl, who was fixing something under the table at the time, suddenly struck him on his left hand with a knife and after raising his hand at her, she stabbed him in the abdomen.

A member of a social group in the area who was visiting the injured lad at the hospital yesterday said that after the young man was wounded, he collapsed and was revived by her and other persons who were in the vicinity, after which he was rushed to the public hospital. She said that the young man and the girl involved in the incident did not have a friendly relationship and as such yesterday’s incident was not much of a surprise.

The matter was reported to the police yesterday.

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