City on healthy meat drive

In recent weeks, the Food and Hygiene Inspectorate of the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) has been carrying out public health activities at the Municipal Abattoir and has also medically examined 253 food handlers.

The Division also scrutinized shops and bars. In a press release, the M&CC said that over 700 animals were inspected and slaughtered of which 569 were cattle and 178 pigs. Different parts/organs were inspected and those found unfit for human consumption were destroyed.

Additionally, the Division medically examined 253 food handlers. The release noted that according to Municipal regulations, persons who handle food for sale must be medically examined and properly certified by the Council.

The release further stated that the Division carried out 108 inspections on 26 food restaurants, retail shops, wine factories and liquor restaurants. It inspected 15 bars in hotels, 22 provision shops, three supermarkets, nine cold stores, 18 food trays and other facilities.

The Food and Hygiene section continues to ensure that wholesome meat is offered for sale in our municipal markets and other stores in Georgetown, the release stated.

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