Guyanese ordered deported from Antigua

Two Guyanese men recently found themselves in hot water with Antiguan authorities over immigration matters.

According to the Antigua Sun, Leslie Donald Douglas of All Saints Road allegedly used a fake immigration stamp to issue himself an extension, which he placed in his Republic of Guyana passport.

He was arrested and charged following investigations. Douglas is due to appear in court to answer to the forgery charge.

The offence is alleged to have occurred sometime between 8 and 19 June, 2009.

Another Guyanese, a 22-year-old man, was recently ordered deported from Antigua after he pleaded guilty to remaining in the country after the expiration of his permit.

According to the Antigua Sun, Peter Odel Sumner appeared in the St. John’s Magistrate’s Court before Chief Magistrate Ivan Walters, who ordered that he be removed from the country forthwith.

Sumner was picked up by the police and handed over to immigration officials.

The report said that immigration officers visited the St. John’s Police Station, identified themselves to Sumner and told him they were conducting investigations into him allegedly remaining in Antigua after the expiration of his permit. Immigration authorities advised the Guyanese man that he would be charged.

Sumner later handed over a Republic of Guyana passport bearing his name and photograph.

The report said that immigration officers checked the passport and it was revealed that Sumner was a first time visitor, who arrived on island on 14 Aug., 2006, and was permitted to stay until 14 Sept., that same year.

He never sought an extension. Sumner was cautioned and invited to give a written statement. The report said that the Guyanese man was also told that he could have an attorney present, but he chose to give a written statement without a lawyer being in attendance, and later signed the document.

Sumner, in his statement, admitted to being out of time and said, “When my time expired I did not seek a further extension because I was afraid. I was afraid that immigration would send me home.” He was arrested and charged. The 22-year-old man apologised to the court for his infraction of the law.

“I am sorry. This is the first time I am traveling to Antigua. I am willing to go home. I had an experience,” Sumner said, according to the Antigua Sun.

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